Sunday, March 5, 2017

Pallet Fence Pau

It's been almost three years since I first built the temporary pallet fence around the garden. Overall it was a success. It was incredibly cheap, quick, and easy. It did the job. It wasn't as strong as a post & wire mesh fence, but it surely outdid that kind of fence when it came to cost, time, and ease to install. 
Later three years, it's falling apart. The wood that contacted the ground has rotted enough that it is falling apart. Many of the slats are weak and can get broken easily by hand. And since I no longer need the fence (my pasture fences have since been upgraded), it's time for the pallets to go. 

(Above, all gone. Looking down the old pallet fence line, it's once again an open grassy area.) 

Because I never nailed the pallets together in the first place, dismantling the fence is a matter of cutting the ties and pulling that pallet out of the tangled grass growth at ground level. Almost all of the pallets came apart in pieces. 

The slats that lifted off, I stacked. The rest of the tangled pallets need a little more persuasion with a hammer in order to come apart. 

This now all becomes firewood. While I could stack the wood into one of my hugelpits, I'd rather have the firewood. 

Would I ever use this kind of pallet fence again in the future? Sure! 

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