Monday, March 27, 2017

First Greenhouse Crops

I've been real eager to get something growing in my new greenhouses. But alas, I haven't finished filling the growing boxes with dirt. But I've started at least.

I've been mining dirt specifically for this project. To the mined dirt I've added 25% compost and mixed it in. That's quite a bit, but the mined dirt doesn't look very fertile. I'm hoping that this ratio of compost to soil will work. Time will tell. 

Above -just planted

I've filled about 6' of the new bed. My planting fingers got itchy, so I planted 6 cucumbers and 10 patio tomato plants. Yeah, I'm pushing it. But boy does it feel good seeing something green in the greenhouse. 

I figure that the cucumbers can be a vertical crop, trellised up the sides of the greenhouse. The tomatoes will be a horizontal crop, spreading out to cover the soil. That's the plan at least. 

Above -ten days later 

My first baby cuke! 

Over the next week or two I'll keep mixing soil and adding plants. 

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  1. Everything looks great! And your soil! So deliciously black! A greenhouse is on our project list too and it can't get to the top quickly enough for me. :)