Tuesday, December 27, 2016

More Tales of Zero Waste

I just snagged two five gallons buckets down at the dump. Someone had thrown them away. Whoa, I'm not one to let a useable bucket slip past my fingers. So with the aid of a long stick, I hooked these babies and slipped them into the bed of my truck. 

Complete wth handles, they're in fairly nice condition and fairly new. No sun bleaching. No serious damage. But they both have a crack in the bottom. Guess that why the previous owner ditched them. They were no longer perfect. 

I have no problem whatsoever using such buckets. In fact, self draining buckets can be a plus! I put these two right to work helping to haul soil and compost. 

I find it sad to see useable stuff heading to a landfill. My county boasts about their "zero waste" program, but they're not really serious about it. But I can say that these two buckets will be truly used up and useless by the time they see the inside of a dumpster again. 

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