Saturday, December 17, 2016

Concrete Path - Nearing Completion

Things have been busy this past week on the farm.....
...unexpectedly caught a swarm of bees and had to quickly get a hive ready for them. So I now have a hive down at the seed farm. 
...acquired 40 new adult hens and integrated them into my current flock. 
...picked up 3 pickup loads of sand
...expanded the gardening space and planted potatoes and beans 
...started 15 trays of vegetable seeds and transplanted the flats of bok choy, basil, cabbage, cauliflower, and beets into individual pots for growing on
...acquired 5 good pallets for making slug-proof (we'll see if that turns out to be true) tables for growing lettuce in containers
...caught up on filling the hugelpit that I'm working on
...added 4 new trees to the fruit orchard
...harvested the last of the coffee

And TA-DA.....big sections of the concrete pathway were completed. In fact, the path is just about done. Only about 8 more feet to go. 

Finding the right sized rocks to imbed in the concrete is now a problem. Once upon a time they were plentiful around here. It seemed that there were small piles of them everywhere. No longer the case. Now bigger rocks need to be broken in order to come up with the right sized smaller rocks. Big rocks are still plentiful. Even if I converted an acre into concrete I don't think I'd make a dent in the big rocks laying around here. 

Last week I was looking at the path going from the new concrete down to the wooden hillside stairs. Because of the recent rains, the cindery mud there was slick. Looked like a good spot to take a nasty fall someday. So I opted to extend the concrete path. Because the ground slopes away, it was easier making steps rather than a slope. In the above photo, I haven't quite finished the area. I still need to finish the transition from the pathway to the steps and wash off the wood, but things are essentially done. 

Now I'm looking forward to cleaning up and landscaping the pathway. Time to beautify around the house. 🙂

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