Thursday, December 8, 2016

Flowers Boxes for the Screenhouse

Now that we have a square built screenhouse atop a pentagram shaped deck, we have a triangular "ship's prow" hanging over the edge of the pond below it. Rather than just letting it sit there doing nothing, I've decided have flower boxes and a piece of garden statuary jazz up the deck.  

David used several discarded worn out stair treads to cobble together two wind resistant flower boxes for me. While degraded too much to be safely used a steps, the old 2x6's are surely sturdy enough for this task.

He set them up on the point of the prow. Not quite exactly where I plan to place them, but fine for now. 

And in order to discourage rot from standing rainwater, he propped them up on thin strips of wood. It's just enough to allow air circulation between the boxes and the decking. 

Give me a couple of weeks and I'll have some young flower plants ready to put into these boxes. 

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