Sunday, September 4, 2016

Walking Path Around House Update

Progress is slowly moving along in spite of the rain. Only one small section at a time is getting built, little bit by little bit, the path is coming into existence. 

Above, pre-path. The clump of bananas have just been removed and gee, I forgot to take a before photo. So just image 6 medium sized banana trees just outside the sliding door. Those trees got cut up with a sawsall and used as fill for a pallet grow box. 

Next to go, those palms. That clump started out as one small plant and has expanded into quite a clump. Quite honestly, they're not my preferred style plant. Yes, pretty when well maintained, but I don't have the time to keep it cleaned up. Not that it takes long, but it's not on my to-do list, which already is too long. Thus I opted to remove it. (I gave the clumps away to various people who were glad to take them.) 

Now I had the room to run the walking path. I'm bringing the path close to the house so that it can take any spill from the rain gutters and direct it away from the foundation. Spill is not normally a problem but we have had major deluges in the past where water overflowed the gutters. 


  1. "...6 medium sized banana trees... got cut up with a sawsall and used as fill for a pallet grow box." Reminds me of watching groundskeepers sweeping up plumeria blossoms on the lawn - I told my wife, See? We are in Paradise, where flowers are seen as litter."

  2. You bet. We have so much beauty here that we take it for granted. Excess tropical growth gets macheted down. Chop. Chop. Fallen flowers swept up into the trash can. Nobody notices the colorful birds and their sweet song. Barry, I try hard not to get caught up in that cycle. I try to appreciate the ocean view every day, marvel at my orchids, stop to smell the ginger. Hawaii is amazing!