Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hurricane Fizzle

Mother Nature chuckles. Meteorologists bambuzzled once more. Ha! The storm pulled a fast one by turning south and heading away from the islands. 

My area ended up getting light winds, by comparison to hurricane wind, and some rain. The winds right now are gusty but not violent. Tree branches have come down but it's still to early in the morning to see if any trees blew over. Parts of Ka'u got very little of this storm and rain, others more. As of this morning, the farm here has seen only 1.3". Now I need to hope that hurricane Lester will refill my catchment tanks.


  1. Mo' betta you get Medline - Florida is getting a whuppin' now. Glad I'm not there...

  2. Dang! Spellchecker switched Madeline on me - oluolu. I won't tempt spellcheck with Florida's hurricane name - try her mine, yah yah yah?