Friday, September 16, 2016

Re: Daily Posting

I often get emails, even text messages & phone calls, when I fail to post a message in a daily basis. A guess that some of my friends and readers fear my eminent death.  LOL.  I don't dwell upon the thought, but yes, some day I will cease to post this blog. But apparently there are folks out there who rely upon my posts as a sign that I'm still kicking, breathing, and capable of using a computer. So ok, I'll do something to appease their fears. 

As long as I have access to a computer and the Internet, I'll post something every day.........assuming that I remember. Now, that's one BIG assumption at this stage of my life. But I'll give it a try. 

What to post? Well, sometimes I just too busy or too tired to write a sensible article. And I'm not fond of the idea of making this blog into a daily personal diary. So I've decided I'll post photos from around the homestead. So if you're not interested in farm photos, you can just skip these posts. And I'll make it easy for you. I'll entitle the subject "Photos". Now how simple is that! 

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