Friday, September 2, 2016

Hand Protection

Perhaps I've wised up some because finally I purchased a pair of cut resistant gloves. Of course this is after making about 100 slices on the fingers of my left hand. Yeah, sometimes I'm a slow learner. 

I figure that I don't need super protection (famous last words), thus I purchased, as my first experiment with cut resistant gloves, a pair of NoCry gloves...cut resistance level 5, whatever that means. So I'll give them a try. I'll be wearing one of my left hand when I'm using the hand sickle or cutting knife. Not that I plan to get sloppy with the cutters, but I'm hoping to avoid those accidental slices when the blade skitters off its target. 

The big question.......will I be able to find the gloves and remember to wear them? Good question! 

ps- Wore the glove for the first time today. So I actually remembered to put it on. 

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  1. Excellent choice! I have put three gloves in the kitchen, but the chef gets busy and usually recalls that fact as I am summoned to provide first aid.
    You can get these at that emporium of fine tools at low prices, aka Harbor Freight. They also have a tough black vinyl glove (9mm) that can be re-used, by cleaning and drying them while wearing (they absorb heat from sunlight very well), then applying baby powder on them. Pull each one off while holding your hands up - water/perspiration will drain out -, then drape the gloves on something to allow them to dry. Next time you want to wear them, the powder will make it easy to don them. I can usually get a few re-uses per pair, especially if I wear leather-palm work gloves over them. They provide added protection from thorns and da kine, and prevent chafing of your hands in the work gloves. And yes, all can be found at HF...