Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fish Food - Zero Waste

A friend just drove home another idea of zero waste.........using the "dust" from the bottom of the dog food bag for feeding my pond fish. She gave me quite a good supply to other day. Thank you!

Both she and I use a good quality high protein dogfood, so the granules work well for the fish too. In fact, I've been using this idea for years quite successfully. The fish still get other food sources, such as pond vegetation, worms, mosquito larvae, and such. 

All the fish seem to enjoy the dogfood crumbs, immediately coming to the surface to feed. 

If I didn't have pond fish, what else could the crumbs be used for, rather than being tossed into the trashcan? Ideas I can think of:
...chicken food
...moistened and fed back to the dog
...pig food
...worm food additive

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