Monday, June 27, 2016


Rain. Rain, more rain. I'm sick of it. But it surely has been loved by the fungi growing around here. I decided to take a farm walkabout and see what sort of fungi are visible.

Above, this little oddity is about 1 1/2 inches high jutting out if the forest litter. It looks like a red star flower atop a white stalk. Pretty and weird. 

Above....walking among the fern regrow th in the secret garden, I accidentally came across a patch of wood chips with little red dots all over them. Tiny and very red. I wonder what sort of fungus this one is. 

Above, I came upon patches of bright yellow dog vomit fungus. So colorful, it's hard to miss. Wow, it just screams at ya. I came across three patches of the stuff growing on decomposing cardboard. 

Above.....Mushrooms abound. Big. Small. White. Brown. Robust. Fragile. These are just two photos, but I saw lots of littler mushrooms all around. 

Above..... Shelf fungus was easy to find along old rotting logs. I haven't seen this variety before. Most of the shelf fungus is the type that looks like a turkey tail fanned out. 

Above...... So what's this stuff? I'm guessing it's a fungus of some sort. I found this growing on my back porch steps. 

And lastly, this bright yellow stuff is growing between the layers of wet cardboard. 


  1. Fungi are weirdly fascinating. We have had so little rain for June, however, that there isn't enough moisture to suit most of it, I think. You can send some of your rain my way!

  2. Wow there's fungus amongus. Sorry I couldn't help myself. I have looked at fungus very differently since 2011 when I became afflicted with a fungal pneumonia called San Joaquin Valley Fever. Respect the fungus. Though she be but little she is fierce!

    I think one you have is slime mold. The yellow one with tendrils. Fascinating.