Thursday, June 16, 2016

Farm Plan - Orchard Future

There's lots of future opportunities for food trees here on the farm. The main difficulty is in digging the holes for them. Not easy doing it by hand! I admit that I really copped out when it comes to this. I paid David to dig me about lots of holes all around the place. Yeah, I wussed out. 

I would really like to expand my fruit tree inventory. Gradually I'm adding the ones that I think would be interesting. 

In the plans are: 
Sapote - I'm not sure which kinds yet. Hey, why not one of each? Sounds good to me.
Tangerines - I love tangerines and hope to add several.
Lime - Tahitian lime for sure, and maybe a few others.
Bananas - I'm looking for varieties I don't already have.
Soursop - I don't know if it will grow here but I'd like to try it.
Cherimoya - will give it a try. 
Jackfruit - for sure. I don't know if it will produce in my life time here, but it's a good fruit and I'd like to add it for the future farm owners.
Grapefruit- pink. For some reason, pink ones are more appealing to me. Haven't a clue why.
Pomelo - I've had a few that were really good, so I plan to track down those varieties for the farm. 

I'm open to getting other trees, but I don't know which others. Breadfruit won't produce here, so I have been told. I don't know about longon, lychee, or rambutan. And there are plenty of other food trees I'd like to look into, including:
Tree tomato
Custard apple
Kaffir lime

And in eager to add some more of my current residents-- 
Macadamia nuts
Sweet guavas

If you visited here, you wouldn't notice most of my fruit trees. I have no rectangular orchard filled with trees lined up in a row. No need. I don't use a tractor to tend my trees. Some trees grandly line the driveway (well, some day they'll look grand once they get bigger). And they line the edges of the woods. I still have plenty of room for more trees. 


  1. I have read that Longans are close relatives to the Lychee tree but larger, stronger and more cold tolerant.
    So I planted a Longan here in Sydney Australia.
    I think Rambutans are even more tropical than the Lychee.
    Mandarins are very good for me here and I am harvesting a lot now.

  2. "S" emailed me ...........

    Suggestion for your To-Do tree list: Mountain Apple and/or domesticated relatives. So juicy and not too sweet! Your water abundance should be just right, don't know about light level requirements....