Friday, June 17, 2016

Farm Plan -.The Forest

"G" asked about my plans for a forest...... for firewood and lumber specifically . The woods that I already have are providing me with plenty of firewood and crafting wood. I've already used my own ohia poles for building structures, fence posts, and furniture. Strawberry guavas for trellis poles. Bamboo for poles, stakes, and crafting. Eucalyptus for forest steps, garden borders, fence poles. But for general structural lumber? No. First, I don't have a mill. Second, I don't wish to cut down lots of my larger trees. Perhaps if I had 20+ acres of forest then I'd be looking into producing some lumber, but my woods is less than 10 acres. On top of it, that 10 acres does double duty by providing some grazing, fodder, food foraging, and supporting numerous "forest margin" food trees. 

The current status is about 10 acres of mixed sized trees that are primarily ohia with some endemic tree varieties mixed in. Plus a few food trees scattered among them....guava, citrus, avocados, mulberry. When I acquired this land there were tree varieties that I considered noxious and have since eliminated -- Christmasberry and albizia. Plus there were dozens and dozens of eucalyptus trees that are now out of here because of the windstorm that occurred a year and a half ago. And there are still dozens awaiting removal when I can get to them. 

A cool "tree" that I discovered on the back reaches of the farm is the tree fern. I was delighted to see that I had a few. I've since managed to propagate enough to double their numbers. Coming from NJ, I find these tree ferns to be fascinating and almost magical. Noting like them back on the eastcoast.

Since starting this homestead project, I've purposely added numerous various food trees. Mostly they have been planted nearer the residential zone of the farm, not in the far back woods. But there are citrus, avocados, and bananas even way back there. 

The plan calls for keeping trees on this farm. When I first arrived here, I thought I would be clearing the land and creating a picture book farm. Wow, it would have been a major mistake! A homestead needs trees. Food trees. Firewood trees. Craftwood trees. Shade trees. Windbreaks trees. Wildlife trees. 

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  1. You have the great fortune to have producing "ABC" trees - avocado, banana, and citrus. I hope to build a heated and lighted ABC greenhouse if I can find a good property to relocate from Oregon. (Yeah, I know, but I want out of Oregon soon....don't ask.)
    I hope you can see my comment under your post about uploading photos. Tinypics really is easy and it does work in BlogSpot.