Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Reasons To Grow Your Own Food

Home grown food. What a concept nowadays. 

I believe it's a good idea, even if folks can only grow a little. Perhaps a few lettuce plants in pots, or a couple of tomatoes. But you know, I've seen some people start out real small and gradually make the switch over to mostly home grown veggies. So even that one tomato plant on your back porch can lead to a significant life change. Ya never know. 

Some reasons to grow food......

...better nutrition. A home grower can choose to grow those varieties that have better nutritional levels of minerals, antioxidants, vitamin levels, etc. Often these healthier varieties not commonly grown on commercial farms.
...better flavor. Many new gardeners are amazed at how tasty fresh picked corn or peas can be. 
...fresher. Can't get fresher than picking your veggies right before making your dinner! Supermarket foods can easily be days....no, often weeks old. 
...less toxic chemical contamination. A gardener can opt not to use chemicals. And of course, they totally avoid the fumigation that is done in the shipping containers, storage warehouses, and anti-sprouting treatments of potatoes and other crops, and all the other chemical treatments our food is subject to. 
...personal political issues. For example, not supporting the use of roundup or other herbiicicles. Not supporting the clearing of forests to create ranches, plantations, and farms. Not supporting the poor conditions and financial situation of certain farm laborers. Not supporting the pollution that commercial farming can produce. Other issues that some individuals have would be not wanting food from certain countries, not wanting GMO, not supporting big seed companies or large ag businesses. 
...humane treatment of animals. A home grower can provide more attentive care to their livestock, giving them a better quality of life.
...independence from the commercial food supply chain. Independence can mean that local trucking strikes, weather disasters in the nation's growing areas, store closures due to civil unrest......they won't have a disasterous effect upon the independent food grower. 
...avoiding the contamination associated with commercial meat & egg products, particularly e.coli, salmonella, etc. I know of many people who have gotten a few chickens in order to avoid contaminated eggs. 
...avoiding residual antibiotics and other veterinary chemicals. When raising one's own meat, you control what antibiotics and medications the animal is exposed to, if at all. 
...having a food system where it is easier to avoid falling into consuming premade and modified foods. Many people who start growing their own foods gradually eat less and less commercially made foods and snacks.
....eating "real food". I've read some ingredients lists on store bought foods that are mind-boggling. Fruit juice with no fruit in it. Blueberry muffins with no real blueberries. Cheese that isn't really cheese at all. That sort of thing. Plus chemicals I can't even pronounce and haven't the foggiest idea what they are. 

In my case, it's some of all the above but also because I like to. I really like growing my own food. 

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  1. And don't forget, once you get out there, yanking weeds, or hand-watering veggies, or just contemplating a bit, your mind goes away from all the frothy hate and discontent in the news. It's just plain great to get some dirt under the ole fingernails!