Monday, March 28, 2016

Another Orchid?

With the abundance of rain this past year, the homestead is blooming every direction I look. Today I noticed that there is some sort of orchid-like plant blooming here, there, everywhere. They're along my driveway, around the house, and back in the woods. 

In the past I've notice a few here and there, but this year it's like they are on steroids. And hey, I didn't even have to do anything to encourage them. Free flowers! 

And I've noticed that I have dozens of new plants popping up all over. Ah, the past rains have been good to this plant. 

The flower looks like an orchid to me. Anybody have an idea what it is? 

By the way, I took a walk down in my Secret Garden and discovered that one of my unknown orchids is blooming. How cool is that! 

1 comment:

  1. Yes, the orchids that are popping up all over the place are called Phaius tankervilleae, aka Chinese ground / terrestrial orchid. You're lucky to have them coming up all over...I had one and something ate it before it could bloom...:(