Friday, September 4, 2015

Tilling With Pigs -part two

The pigs have been doing a number on their spot. First they ate up all the juicy greenery. Then the chomped down the grass stems. Stems? Yup, this is kikuyu grass. It makes thick long stems. Once the grass was pretty much gone, they began to root. Rooting started on day 5. It took then 48 hours to eat the green grass, another 48 hours to chomp the stems, then they started digging. 

In the photo above, they left the grass stems in the back corner. They use it as their bed. And they have just started digging in two spots. I've circled them below.....

Mark emailed and asked how do I have the wire panels attached to one another. And what does the gate look like. 
...first of all, no gate. I just open one corner of the pen when I need to have an opening. 
...the corners are simply latched together. I use one snap latch top and bottom at each corner. Very quick, easy, flexible, and temporary. It makes moving the pen easier. Plus the pen can quickly be dismantled and stored when needed. The snap latches are strong enough to contain the pigs. And a corner can easily be opened by unsnapping the latches. 

I plan to let the piglets root in the pen until I see that they are rooting up rocks. By then they should have much of the kikuyu roots yanked up and eaten. 

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  1. Don't you just love welded wire livestock panels? We use them for our dog run instead of the expensive chain link store bought variety. Then construct a car shade cover over them and VOY-la! Dog containment on a budget.