Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pig Nest

I've mentioned that the piglets made a nest. So.....

Are pigs related to birds? Do high end restaurants serve pig nest soup? Ah the ultimate question -- can pigs fly? 

Yeah, I'm laughing. Just can't help myself. Life can be fun. 

Yes, pigs make nests. They're for sleeping. Mine will take any loose material available, pile it up, then snuggle down into the middle for snoozing. The piglets line up like little sausages, side by side. Cute. 

These two have saved some of the kikuyu stems for making their nest. I moved their pen over two feet to give them access to fresh grass, and they harvested some of those grass stems to freshen up their bed. 

Eventually they will eat them, so food wins out over comfort. 

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