Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Several months ago I was given a few shallots that a person bought then decided not to use. They thought that I could cook them up for the pigs. Instead, I planted them. I hadn't the foggiest idea if shallots would bulb up in Hawaii, so it was an experiment. To my delight, they bulbed! 

I've saved a number of bulbs for replanting. So now I'm starting my learning process about shallots. 
... Will they grow better in sun? 
... How will they preform in partial shade? 
... How will they respond to manures?
... What sorts of diseases and pests attack them?
... Are there better times of the year for growing them than other times? 
... Do they only bulb at certain times of the year? 
... Does spacing make a difference? 

The plan is to plant a few bulbs in different locations and try out a few variables.....the amount of compost, mulch, fertilizer, moisture. Since I know very little about shallots, the learning process should be fun. Boy, I've got a lot to learn about shallots. Oh, I've read up on them already. But experience has shown me that things are often different in the tropics. I'd like to see what sort of tweaking shallots need for good production on my own homestead. 

Well, I've already planted the shallots that I grew myself. But a friend just gave me some that she's not going to use. So I've washed them up and plan to plant them tomorrow to start another patch. ... ->

Cooking with them is simple. Stirfry. Sautéed. Yum, yum, yum. 


  1. I love shallots...will be interested in knowing how they do for you...I can't seem to grow them where I am (400 ft elevation rain forest)

  2. Aloha,
    I started some about the same time you did and have been wildly successful. I live in Kapoho, the farthest eastern point on BI. The first year I just pulled some of them and used as green onions. This year I'm digging them all up, pulling off the keikis and will plant has soon as I get their bed munched and tilled.
    How did yours turn out?
    Happy gardening
    Susan in Kapoho