Sunday, September 27, 2015

Firewood Drying, Tepee Style

I have a habit on the farm that I never gave a thought about, but it interested a visitor that was recently here. So I'll pass it along. It involves my firewood. 

As I work about the place....weeding, planting, cleaning up, etc.....I have a tendency to pick up wind blown branches. Whatever small twiggy parts that can be hand broken are put into a pile. These eventually go into a biotrash pit or a pallet grow-box. The larger branch pieces get leaned up against a nearby tree so that they have access to air and thus dry out. Even when they get rained on they will dry out quickly because the wind can easily blow through them. 

At some point in time I will find myself in need of firewood, so I'll bring an armload of these small branches over to the chop saw and cut them up into woodstove size. But in the meantime they are simply stored upright against a tree. Around the farm I have numerous of these little tepees, so if you didn't know what they were about, I suppose it looks pretty odd. 

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