Saturday, July 11, 2015

Record Heat

A tropical depression is passing north of the islands and it has brought along high humidity and temperatures. In fact this is the hottest I've seen since moving here. 

The low for last night was 69° F. It made for some uncomfortable sleeping. 60° is more common, although this summer so far has been seeing plenty of nights at 62°. It's been the warmest summer in the past 14 years. 

The high today is 88°. I'm sure it's well into the 90's along the coast. And yesterday it was 92° inside my mother's house in Naalehu. Hot. Hot. Hot. Yeah go ahead and chuckle. I'm sure it's hotter where you are, but I purposely chose a location where I wouldn't roast. Up until now I haven't needed air conditioning or even a fan here. Of course I have neither in my home. 

Temperature varies here in relation to your elevation. The coastline is the hottest, and the further one goes up the mountains, the cooler it gets. So if you like it hot, you live down near the coast. But people living at the top of Oceanview or in Volcano find it cold enough to routinely wear long pants and don warm coats when going outside when the sun is down. 

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  1. You're right. You're a weather wimp (That's a title I aspire to, by the way. A long cherished goal of mine. That's why I left Iowa in the first place!) June was a solid triple digit month. Lately it cooled off and, I guess, went your way.