Friday, July 10, 2015


Lately there have been several inquiries as to what trees I have in my orchard. Unlike what is taught in permaculture courses, I don't have one spot designated as an orchard area. Concentrating all the trees in one area may make sense in certain situations, but I don't find that to be a good idea on my farm. I'm finding that spreading trees around in order to combat pests and disease is working better for me. Concentrating the trees in one spot means that if a problem crops up, the entire orchard could be affected. Sort of like putting one's eggs all in one basket. 

So what are my orchard plans /goals and what has been accomplished to date? I think I'll go down the list in no particular order. 

We eat bananas all they time, so this fruit is high in my list to be home-produced. I currently have several different varieties growing up by the house, along the driveway, down in the "valley", and along the dry defunct riverbed. Since my livestock also enjoy eating this plant, I plan to expand the banana beds. I want to have bananas surroundng the "secret garden" plus more along the far property line. As I get keiki, I plant them. So I'll be at this for a couple of years yet. 
Above, a clump of Cuban variety banana. They can be used as a cooking banana, but we like them ripe as an out-of-hand-eating banana. 

Currently I have one variegated lemon in the main orchard plus volunteer trees behind the barn, one beside the pond, and one back by the "secret garden". I use quite a bit of lemons when I have them available. So perhaps I'll add some more and try different varieties. 

None so far. I'd like to add at least one Tahitian lime and one kefir lime. I currently get plenty of surplus limes from friends, but it would be nice to have some right on the homestead. 

In the orchard I presently have one unknown variety that is quite juicy, one sour orange, one tangelo. I'd like to add another tangelo or two. And maybe a juicy tangerine variety.

One pink tree in the orchard. That's enough. 

None so far but I'd like to add one of the juicier seedless varieties. 

I have two trees but both are young. So I don't know if they will fruit here. 

6 trees that line my driveway. That's probably enough for personal use, but I wouldn't mind a few more for feeding to the livestock. 

Currently one white fruited tree. I'm planning on adding a purple one soon. 

Two trees so far. I would consider adding more in the future. 

One each of cinnamon, allspice, clove, jaboticaba, tree tomato, mountain apple.
Young allspice tree that I harvest a leaf here, a leaf there. Oh it smells so good! 

Clove tree. 

I'm keeping around a dozen trees of producing age. But I intend to add at least a dozen more when I've got space ready for them. In the future I'd like to add several dozen more, perhaps along the street side of the property where they would get good sun. The livestock all love papayas, fruits and leaves. 

Still thinking about adding: 
Avocado .. Lisa and Linda , maybe another variety too.
Malabar chestnut
Sweet bay

Cocoa. Twice I've failed. Not going to try again. I either don't have the right environment or lack the knowledge, 
Avocado. Accidently killed the tree I had. So I need to replant. 
Mango. I found out that they won't fruit at my homestead location. But I have put in two trees down at the seed farm where they should produce fruit. 
Breadfruit. Wrong environment for them. But I might try one down on the seed farm. 

Many others may grow but I haven't looked into them yet because we aren't currently eating them or I don't know anything about growing them yet. 

Rejected because we didn't like them. 
Surinam cherry.


  1. May I recommend a Meyer lemon to add to the citrus collection? (It really is related to oranges). And - what - no guava? (Just kidding). But do get a tamarind tree. That is one tree I'd grow just for the ornamental aspect.

  2. Oh my stars and garters! Spice trees! How marvelous!