Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Piglets

I haven't given a pig update lately. Somehow I missed relating the pig sale story. 

As of last mid-May, the farm hosted four pigs. Rocky, the big boar. Hammie, the pregnant sow. And the two youngsters, Mellie and Jimmy Dean. One of my regular blog followers (actually a husband-wife duo, Bob & Sharon) recently bought their own little farm in Puna district and contacted me about my pigs. Since mine were friendly, trained to come when called, played with my farm dog, didn't eat my chickens, weren't escape artists, and could be taken for walks out in the pasture with ho hassles about returning to their pens, the couple were hoping I might be willing to sell them. Bob had recently retired and his dream was to have a little farm, including raising piglets. He had no experience with pigs, but had always been drawn to them. Tame pigs like mine was what he wanted to start with. 

Breaking my own rule about inviting people to my farm, I opened my arms to Bob & Sharon and spent an enjoyable morning "talking farm". Bob really hit it off with the pigs. By lunch, Bob had successfully talked me into selling. We settled on a price and deal. So two weeks later, all four pigs were loaded onto a trailer and headed off to their new home. 

Good news. Every one of the pigs settled in just fine. Sharon has trained Mellie and Jimmy Dean to rollover for belly rubs. Rocky has discovered that he loves Oreo cookies. And Hammie delivered 12 little piglets with no problems. Sharon has learned how to bottle feed piglets, since 12 is more than Hammie can handle. Looks like Bob is well on his way to living his dream. 

But all this meant that my homestead was pigless. At first, that was fine. I was over extended on pigs. Four proved to be too many for the amount of food waste I had available, plus the amount of time I had to devote to pigs. I've learned that two pigs is ideal for my situation. But alas, now I had none. 

No problem. A friend had a litter. Same parents that produced Mellie and Jimmy Dean. So I arranged to buy two piglets from her. 

Introducing.......................... Barbecue (aka- Barbie) and Porky Pigg. Two sisters. 

I've just gotten these two newcomers, so I can't even say yet what my plans are for them. But at least for the next several months I'll have fun playing with them and training them like I did the previous pigs. 

And now all that extra food waste that the chickens couldn't chow down will go to the piglets instead of the compost bins. I'd rather see it go to piglets. 

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  1. Congratulations! They look wonderful. Breed? Size at adulthood?