Saturday, July 11, 2015

House - The Bedroom Project

It's about time that I start working on the house again. It's been too long of a break. Lets see, we've gotten done the livingroom, closing in the lanai to expand the livingroom, the kitchen, the little extra room off the entrance, the foyer, and the hallway that is 95% complete. On the outside we've done the siding and trim, several steps and railings, plus the roof. We're not totally happy with the way the roof turned out, so we plan to make changes later on. But that's a future story. 

Still to be completed is the bedroom, enclosing the bedroom side lanais for large storage closets, and the bathroom. Plus a few other tweaks here and there. 

So we're targeting the bedroom as the next project. Currently it's a quite serviceable bedroom with an unfinished interior. We've already wired outlets and lighting, plus put in two ceiling beams.  Next step.....the ceiling. 

Insulation. We've decided to line the ceiling with foam insulation as a sound deadening measure. Not that we are trying to block out all the sound, but just deaden it a bit. Heavy rains can be quite loud on a metal roof. A side benefit will be to reduce the heat generated by full sun on the roof. 
The styrofoam insulation sheets come 4'x8' and are easily cut to size with a box cutter. By cutting them snug, we don't need to glue or tack them into place. The next step will secure them. 

Next step is to install thin nailers to the corners and running along the rafters. These nailers hold the foam panels in position. 

The reason for the nailers is to have something to nail the cedar ceiling to. Using an air powered nailing gun makes putting up the ceiling pieces reasonably fast and easy. 

Next step will be to sheath over the rafters, like the kitchen ceiling. 
We haven't decided what color to paint them, but it won't be white. I'm thinking....pale sky blue. A possibility. 

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