Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Are You My Momma?

A bummer lamb has come to the homestead needing help. This one came from another flock, not my own, and there was no one to give it the care it needed for survival. So I went and retrieved it from a neighbor who noticed the lamb was in trouble. (By the way, thanks Norman for being this lamb's savior!) While picking up the lamb I could see that there was a dead ewe out in the pasture. Perhaps the lamb's mother? Since no other ewe was paying attention to this lamb, that might be the case. Regardless, this lamb had no ewe feeding it. It was in dire straights. 

Happily the lamb accepted the bottle fairly quickly. It appears to be 36 to 48 hours old, so I'm hoping that it had a chance to nurse off its mom. It's too late to feed it colostrum, so it is going right into lamb milk replacer. We shall hope for the best. 

The lamb is fairly curious. Tonight it discovered our farm dog, Crusty. Crusty has absolutely zero kill instinct and automatically likes everything.....including newborn lambs. He has offered to play with it dog-style, but the lamb hasn't a clue. But little lamb is hoping that Crusty is its mom. 

Crusty is so incredibly patient. He lets the lamb poke about, then it eventually curls up and rests under his belly. Good dog! 

Any suggestions for a name for this lamb? Keep in mind that all my female lambs get names starting with the sound "ewe" , as in a Eureka and Yukon. Yes, this one is a little girl. 


  1. Euphemia. It means Beautiful Voice

  2. That is so cute! My suggestion for a name is Eulayla.