Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Storm Damage -- Monday & Tuesday Update

Monday update : 6 hours spent cutting up trees, dragging brush into piles, cleaning up the mess, rebuilding the chicken coup, fixing fences. Although things are a far way from being done, at least things are functioning around here now. 
(Trees fell, yanking out massive root balls.)

We now have 4 giant brush piles of slash. My plan is to slowly go through the piles, cutting out any branches larger than  inch then grinding up all the small stuff. That's the plan for now. That assuming that the old shredder still works. 

There are cut up log piles everywhere. The smaller diameter stuff will go for future firewood. The bigger diameter stuff will go for various projects. 

David rebuilt the front of the chicken coop.......

So the girls now have a pen where they can get protection from stray dogs and feral pigs. There's no tarp roof over the new section yet, so the hens can come and go. Funny thing is that almost all the girls are opting for the pen rather than freedom. Only about a dozen hens are walking around. But when I looked at 4 pm all the hens were out foraging and at 5 pm they starting flying back into their pen through the open roof. Talk about being creatures of habit! 

We didn't have any working hinges or door latch for the new part, but David improvised. Fencing is serving as the door hinge......

A twisted wire and fence staple as the door latch......

They will do until I get to a hardware store. 

Tuesday Update : a day of rest. We are all beat. Time to rest overtaxed muscles and joints. 

A friend forwarded this picture to me of one of my neighbors' farm. Seems that he had a couple hundred young macnut trees toppled over by the storm. Yes, things are pretty hard hit in the area. 

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  1. Take Care! I hope you take lots of rest times, and God bless you and your terrific helpers...work is so much faster with extra hands. Your neighbor's mac trees might survive if they can be returned to upright, and pruned back to compensate for the root breakage. They seem to be tough. I helped to clear several trees blown down in Arkansas, where we found the toughest part of all was the root masses. Ruined chain saw chains quickly. Those root ends sat for a year just to let the dirty to wash away, and the trimming still took months to break down to a size that still took hours more of stump grinding to clear. Ugh!
    Good that everyone just took on the road mess themselves, so that the power crews could get lines back up and working. I am so glad that your home and solar array are fine, and the catchment is undamaged. Most of all, that you are both safe and sound!