Friday, January 23, 2015

Riding in the Back of a Pickup

In the past I showed you how dogs around here often ride in the back of pick up trucks. The idea really drove many readers crazy. They were outraged. Well, if that upset you, here's one even better.........
PEOPLE riding in the back of pickups. It's for real. And it's reality here. 

Yes, there are official regulations governing riding in the back of a pick up. How to be seated. Which way to face, that sort of thing. But riding this way is legal here.

Last year someone on the county council was pressured by some mainland newcomer to make riding in truck beds illegal. But wisely the county brought it to public discussion and rejected the idea. Why allow it? Because Hawaii Island has a lot of poor people who have large families. A pickup is often their ONLY vehicle, which is necessary for them to have for farming or their work. So it has to accommodate the whole family, too. If riding this way were made illegal, lots of people wouldn't get to work, get to doctor appointments, go shopping, go visiting, go a family outing, etc. It's a traditional means of transportation on this island. 

If seeing people riding like this drives you crazy, then I'd suggest you may be happier not coming to Big Island. 


  1. I love your article, thank god Hawaii is different from mainland. Can't wait to see Big Island for first time next year. Alaska is getting to cold after twenty years.

  2. Today it's raining lightly here. Truck bed riding people stay reasonably dry by trying a tarp over the bed and sitting beneath it. In fact I passed a truck like this today with 6 people in the bed.