Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Kids Born In The Storm

The storm killed a lot of trees and damaged a lot of stuff. But in the midst of fury, life arrived to the farm. Two baby goats! 
Sometime before dawn, Honami gave birth. Luckily I had made a temporary shelter for her, not knowing how violent the storm would be here. But it gave her protection from the rain and the wind. And she chose to give birth in the shelter. 

Honami was acting somewhat bewildered when I checked on her. She was letting the babies nurse, but surely acted confused. Giving birth in the middle of a violent storm surely isn't very supportive of new motherhood. All the crashing trees must has upset her. But Honami is doing pretty good, in spite of it all. 

This little one is a blue eyed girl. Judging from her ears, I'd guess she was the second born. Her brothers ears have already unfolded. 

This is the boy. A tad bigger than his sister, he's also a bit more adventuresome. 

Now that her kids are born and she has bonded to them, I'll be letting Honami off her tether. I doubt she will jump the fence and leave her kids behind. We have about a 1/4 acre fenced off for her. 

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  1. Auwe NUI!! Wow, that storm was wild! You are lucky to have only some outbuilding damage, though. Lots of firewood now. And lots of huge compost piles, yeah? I'm impressed to see your "Keep Calm and Carry On" attitude. Hey, pace yourself, don't try to make it all nice for a while. Don't get too tired out or risk injury, and it all will come out fine in time. Hmm, I am such an armchair expert!