Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Drivel - Just An Update

No, I'm not dead nor have I dropped off the face of the earth. Just been working to the max. Storm clean up have been a constant effort. Just imagine having to wedge clean-up chores between all the regular routine jobs of keeping & creating a homestead farm. But I'm not going to kill myself trying to get it all done ASAP. I'm just chipping away at it a bit every day. 

Chipping away at it is basically how we've been creating this farm and building the house. I know that this method would drive some folks nuts, but we've managed to live with it ok. least I have. Hubby tends to want everything done yesterday, but he's tolerated this chipping-away method pretty well. 

Today while moving the tree trunk slices up closer to the house so that they can cure a bit protected from the rain, I discovered that one of my plants is blooming. 
I don't know it's name but I think it's a bromeliad of some sort. It's never bloomed before, so I'm pleasantly surprised. 

Between clean up and regular chores I managed to forage for guavas. These are the sour kind, just for feeding to the chickens. There's a clump of trees on my way back from town and they've dropped quite a but of fruit. It took me about 15 minutes to gather these buckets, a worthy harvest for the time spent. The hens will appreciate them. Foraging is one of the ways I acquire feed for the livestock. 

Recently we've been having some colorful sunsets. The sunsets here are often beautiful. So I shall leave you with tonight's end-of-day artwork seen from my livingroom window.......


  1. Ah, to have a clump guava trees here! One of the many things I of miss. I recall watching a landscape crew raking up the plumeria blossoms on the lawn at the Royal Lahaina Hotel. Only in paradise does one regard such wonderfully fragrant blooms as litter to rake up. Those shickens have a sweet deal.
    Please pace yourself. It's not a race or a contest to clear away all the thrash from the storms. Now take a trip to the green beach, and stroll around in the gemstones of olivine there!

  2. Duh, I meant Chickens - I have no idea what a shicken is...