Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Redneck Chicken

Here's a real redneck chicken .....a Turken!  She's not diseased, not scarred, not molting (well, she actually is in molt but that's not the reason her neck and head lacks feathers). She was born with no feathers on her neck and part of her head, and she's suppose to be that way. The Turkens are odd looking, but perfectly healthy.

Redneck Rosie, the Turken hen. 

I've gotten a lot of strange reactions to these chickens. Most people think there is something wrong with them. Others think that I abuse or neglect my birds. I've had people say that the birds were sick or malnourished. No one , but nobody, thinks that it's normal. So of course, it's fun to have Turkens just to mess with people because everybody gets it wrong.

Turkens are fairly good egg layers. They all produce a medium colored brown egg. This particular hen lays eggs on the dark side though all her sisters lay lighter colored eggs. Most of the eggs they lay are larges and big mediums, with a few extra larges thrown in. And in production, they usually lay 6 eggs a week. Not bad.

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  1. I've seen turkens in the hatchery catalogues and said, "no way," LOL. I understand somebody is trying to cross chickens with guinea fowl, but I can't remember what they're called.