Friday, September 27, 2013

Kitchen Almost Done

We're finally in the homestretch! The past couple of weeks David and I have gotten quite a bit finished. Two last things still to be finished -- installing the "cabinet drawers" and adding all the little doodads (pot hangers, towel rack, decorations, etc). The drawers are on order and will be shipped bumbye  (sometime, who knows when). And the doodads I can work on in the next couple weeks.

So what got done recently?
........ The sink has gotten hooked up and is now functional. It's 99% complete because we haven't installed the new on-demand hot water heater. But everything is in place for it. The cold water works. The drain works. So nice to have a sink right near the stove, rather than having to walk outside. For now I just heat up a pot of water when I do the dishes. Eventually hot water will come via the faucet. Oh, what luxury to look forward to! 
......... The triangular alcove is completed. All trimmed out now. The tiles laid. The grout and wood inlays completed. Looks real nice, if I say so myself. The tiles are handmade by an artistic friend, all originals. It's one of those nice accents to a room, and I love it. 

Bumped out alcove at the end of the kitchen counter. It will be a great place for a plant. 

........ Moveable kitchen table completed. David did a nice job. I wanted a table that would blend into the rest of the design, but be movable. It could be rolled here, there. Importantly it needed to be rolled out of the way to get at anything being stored back in the corner, but Bob also wanted to have it able to be used in the livingroom when needed. Since I had an extra piece of the black granite, David inlaid it in the top, making a nice spot for hot dishes, or to used as a serving cutting board for cheese, etc. 

So it's been a long journey, but the kitchen s finally a reality! 

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