Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blogs I Follow

Since I'm blogging, I've been asked what blogs and websites do I follow. Well, I'm not a blog fanatic, but there are a few that I check on regularly.

     Jon Katz shares his photography, stories about his farm and animals, and relates the
story of his journey through life. I met Jon years ago at a veterinary convention. For some 
reason I liked this , at that time timid, man and began reading his books. I've been
following his stories for years. 
     Leigh maintains an enjoyable story of her farm projects and life. Plus her site has 
dozens of links to other sites for more information. 
     I happen to know Sue and Pat, so I can relate to their stories. 
     This blog was recommended by Jon Katz. Jenna relates the ups and downs of trying 
to develop a small farm lifestyle.
     Maria is Jon Katz's wife. She's a fiber artist and posts pictures of her work, plus chats 
about her life with the farm animals.

There are a number that I check in on less frequently, or that my interest with them waxes 
and wanes. But if you have any to recommend, I'm all ears! 

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