Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lawn Tractor -- New Equipment Acquisition

I finally broke down and expanded my equipment inventory. Another gasoline eating machine, a riding mower, or as I like to think of it, a lawn tractor. Tractor sounds so much more farmy than a mower. Hey, it's got a bar in the back with a hole in it, yes, I COULD hitch up something and pull it. Maybe there's no PTO, but pulling a little cart behind should count for something farmish. So there, that's settled. It's a tractor.   :)

Red tractor matches my truck, in the background. Posing with the first pile of grass clippings. 

Two factors joined forces to make me purchase it. I suffer from a severe shortage of time to get things done, plus I'm getting older, wearing myself out.

I mow grass basically to get mulch. Sure, it neatens up the property and improves the pastures after the livestock has eaten what they like. But mulch is number one. Therefore a grass catcher is mandatory. Mowing with a push mower takes up lots of time June thru December. It's great exercise, but I'm bushed after a whole afternoon of mowing. But it has its pluses - I sleep really good that night. No tossing and turning, more like a coma. Exercise has its merits, even if it is trying to kill me. My doctor tells me that regular exercise is good, it will make me younger. Well at the rate I exercise, I should be approaching 20 years old fairly soon. Won't be long before acne is once again a problem.    :)

So I picked up the mower, ahem....tractor. Friday afternoon was my first opportunity to try it out. Well, love at first ride! Took a bit of practice, but I quickly became a pro. And I haven't even hit a rock with it yet! Mowed for two hours and created 7 gigantic piles of clippings. Only 2 hours! Now this is heaven! See, I'm easy to impress, aren't I? I got much more mowed in those two hours than I would have with the push mower all afternoon. Yes, this critter is going to give me more time to use elsewhere. And I must be sick, because I really had fun mowing! 

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  1. That's terrific! See how hard it is not to be grinning while you "tractor" about. You most certainly will find how helpful a wagon can be when it is attached to your tractor. A rake, maybe an aerator, a sprayer, a spreader, a driveway dragger, ohhhh, the fun is just beginning! I'm stuffing my Kubota-some-day fund with all my loose change, can and bottle refunds, da kine, with the hope next year that I'll get one of those BX machines. Shhhh, it's top secret. The house has been taking top billing all year, so the garden got sidelined. Once I get tractored up next year, the ranch will get rockin'!