Thursday, September 12, 2013

More Kitchen Progress

I haven't had time to put into the kitchen but our friend David has. I really appreciate him tackling the kitchen because its way beyond my experience level. First he made the little tables to go beside the refrig and freezer match the rest of the kitchen workwood. Being that the two units are chest types, the tables are very convenient. They make using the chests much easier. Whatever you're looking for is bound to be underneath something else! So moving it out of the way, say to a little table, makes life easier.

Next task-- fit the countertop into its space. Since the basket drawers haven't arrived yet, David couldn't create the final framing, but he could make a frame that could be modified as needed. This allowed him to cut and fit the long counter. Between the counter and the stove I wanted a piece of granite. So with the counter in place, the granite slab could be cut to size and installed.

Next, the sink. It didn't take more than a few minutes to cut the hole for the sink. Amazing, when you have the right tools and know what you're doing. I would have had to spend a half hour just making sure that all my measurements were correct before I would have had the guts to risk cutting the countertop. My nightmare would be cutting the hole a half inch too big!

My part of this project comes next. I'll get all the plumbing parts together for the sink and install them. The sink will be plumbed into the main sewer discharge pipe but will have a diverter valve. I plan to divert this grey water to my flower bed, rather than running it into the cesspool.


  1. One of my relatives in the Miami, FL area had her grey water (showers, kitchen and washing machine) diverted towards her banana patch...they sure do love it!

  2. Hurray for your greywater plans!

    I remember how I felt when we cut the opening for our sink, it was nerve wracking! But yours is coming along great.