Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Triangular Shelves in the Kitchen

Next shelf is completed! I now feel that some progress is being made. To tell ya the truth, it feels really good seeing something physical getting accomplished.

The handy, dandy spice shelves. 

Coming around the corner from the pantry, there was dead space next to the freezer. Not big enough for a counter or cabinet, but enough for trianglur shelves. I thought it would be a handy place for seasonings, coffee, tea, and other small items. Also a fine place for coffee mugs.

Just a pic from a different angle. 
The shelf is attached to the wall so that it wouldn't tip if it got top heavy. And I've already cut rubberized shelf liner, this time in beige. The pantry shelves have black.

I already put the rubberized shelf liner on the shelves. I'm eager to use them!
I spaced the shelves so the a quart sized mason jar could be set on each shelf. this gives me plenty of useable shelves for the small stuff. The space between the bottom shelf and the floor is greater so that taller things could be set there, such as drinking water bottles.

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  1. Great use of that space, Su Ba! Looks like maybe you put a "lip" of trim along the edges, very Akamai should Pele decide to bust some moves, eh? You have a very lani home! Oh, and propane is the best way, according to my chef-trained wife. We took out the ceramic cooktop and put in a big propane one, with the two-way valve set-up. We had 3 tanks, with one in use, one ready to replace with the third tank, and as soon as the valve needed to flip again, we made one trip to refill two tanks, one trip. More than a year's worth of gas that way. Have you found a good primer to put on the vinyl lattice? I tried one (Rustoleum) that claimed it was both primer and paint, but it had poor adherence. Our tanks had a swing-open lattice panel, as they were under the lanai. I wish I could have that set-up here, too, and maybe that could happen bum-bye.