Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kitchen Progress Update

The kitchen is very gradually coming into existence, one baby step at a time.  A friend worked on the trim this week, a job that I'm terrible at. He got the window trim finished, then proceeded to make the "earthquake trim" for the shelves. So what do I mean by earthquake trim? It's a piece of trim on the edge of a shelf that sticks up above the level of the shelf, designed to keep things from falling off during an earthquake. Since most of the earthquakes here so far are in the 3-5 range, the quakes causes objects to vibrate and dance about. A half inch lip keeps them from dancing off a shelf. I also plan to use a rubbery shelf mat to help hold things in place.
Earthquake lip in place. I set the container there so that you can see that the lip
is about 1/2 inch deep, just enough to prevent things from sliding off but not
deep enough to interfere with using the shelves easily. 

Two corner shelves were added in the pantry this week. And the first shelf in the main kitchen got made. This one is beside the new range and will eventually hold pot lids. I plan to store gallon jugs of drinking water under the shelf, a place where they will be handy but out of the way.

Two corner shelves in the pantry area. It's a start. 

Now I need to sit down and draw the plans for the rest of the shelves and "cabinets". Plus make a shopping list of the materials I need to buy. The kitchen is slowly but surely coming along.

This is a corner shelf beside the range. If you look closely you can make out the
half inch lip that will prevent things from jiggling off during an earthquake.
I plan to store water jugs (drinkable water) and a fire extinguisher under the shelf
and pot lids and the extra potholders on the shelf itself.
If you noticed, I'm already using the range! 
By the way, the propane shut off valve for the range is not behind it, like most people do. I installed it in under this shelf, back against the wall. Out of sight, out of the way, but far easier to reach than having to pull the range out. Just one of those little things I wanted to do to make life easier. 

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