Thursday, February 16, 2017

Stacy's New Lambs

Stacy's my favorite ewe. She's smart, for a sheep. She's the flock leader. Three days ago she left the flock and hid in the back woods. Lambing time! Goody! 

Today Stacy brought her new lambs up to the feeding station. They are healthy looking and full of curiosity.  And soooooo pretty. 

They are very similarly colored and marked, almost twins. But the little ram is a darker chocolate while the little ewe is a lighter milk chocolate. And the boy has more color on his face. 

I plan to keep the girl, for sure. I'm not sure if I'll keep the boy. But we'll see what happens as time goes by. 

Now it's time to come up with names. 

Stacy's lambs is the second lamb birth this year. Goldie birthed a stillborn little white female lamb two weeks ago. Although it looked full term, it was quite small. Goldie didn't even go off into seclusion for the birth. It's as though it happened quickly and by surprise because she dropped the dead lamb right at the feeding station. Sad, but these things happen. I put Goldie on antibiotics for a while in case she had some sort of uterine infection, plus I dewormed her again, ahead of schedule. She's doing fine. It's just that she lost her lamb. 

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