Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Caught in the Act

Coming down my hillside stairs, I spied a pile of bark chips at the base of one of the ohia poles. 

Hhuummmm. I moved on, heading down to feed the fish in the pond at the base of the stairs. Turning back, guess what I saw........Molly! Caught in the act! 

"Gee Mom, I saw that you forgot to debark the poles. I'll do the job for you. Me & my friend, Spot." .....

LOL.     Looks like the cats approve of the additions. Hubby says that he sees the cats playing on the poles and rails all the time. So besides being functional and pretty, the rails are also making a good feline playground. Hey, that makes them multifunctional! 

Well, debarking isn't such a bad idea. I can live with it. 

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