Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lettuce in Cans

The lettuce is growing better than I expected. So far, the cardboard box idea is panning out ok. I'm real curious to see how things look a month from now. But right now.....really nice and promising.

I'm also trying individual plants in a large pot and/or can. I have a limited number of recycled pots, but I can get plenty of the large cans from down at the dump. Thus I have the opportunity to plant quite a bit of lettuce this way. The goal is to get a larger "head" of lettuce than I anticipate getting from the cardboard box method. One plant per pot and they should end up looking like a convention head of lettuce. We'll see how well it works in the mini greenhouse set-up. 

If both methods work ok, then the cardboard box method will be for growing baby leaf lettuces using the cut-and-come-again method. The pots will be for individual heads. 

I like using the large cans in place of pots. I punch a few holes in the bottom for drainage.....

And the lettuce seedlings also seem to like them too.....

Since these metal cans are not in direct sun, I don't expect them to heat up the roots too much. But we shall see what happens over the next couple weeks. 

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