Friday, February 17, 2017

More Lambs !

Went out this morning to hand out the morning goodies and to check on Stacy's two new lambs and was surprised to see a trio. Tidy (Ewe-L Tide) has brought her new little ram lamb out of the back woods to join the flock. Quite the handsome boy. I just wish that he was a little ewe. I'm getting far too many rams lately. Anyway....looks like for now I now have three lambs sired by Mystery Ram. 

When I called for the flock, in the distance I saw Blacky (Ewe-Soblack) half hopping, half walking up. She'd stop every 100 feet or so, let out a good baaaaaa, then come some more. What the heck? By the time she reached the first feeding trough, she popped out a coal black lamb. My, my. Blacky sure is one sheep that doesn't plan to miss a free handout! 

Eventually the lamb stood up on wobbly legs, tucked under mom who took turns licking her lamb and eating more haycubes. 

I took a peek and saw that it's a ewe lamb. Good, a girl! She's coal black and sired by E-Ram. This is most likely E-Ram's last lamb, though possibly Tan (Ewe-ka-tan) is carrying a lamb he sired. We shall see in a few weeks if Tan's baby is E-Ram's or Mystery Ram's. 

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  1. So cute! Too bad there isn't a way to get more girls, huh? Love your sheep names - you must have fun working those out!