Thursday, May 19, 2016

Coffee Flowering - A Farm Journal Entry

For the past two weeks my coffee trees have been coming into bloom. That's not unexpected because I've been getting quite a bit of rain these past few weeks. I'm seeing plenty of blooms on the trees, making them look like they have a narrow line of snow down their stems. Very pretty. The individual flowers are only an inch across, but they come in clusters, making nice clumps of white. 

On the first trees that started blooming 2-3 weeks ago I'm already seeing teeny baby coffee cherries... Itsy bitsy green bumps smaller than a pea. 

Before I know it I'll be picking coffee again! 

I'm starting to keep records on some of my crops, thus the reason for this post. I'm not much on record keeping. Gee, I keep losing those little notes that I make for myself about the farm. I tried keeping a farm journal but I never could remember to make timely entries. Then I'd misplace the journal, never to be seen again for weeks. So I'm resorting to using the blog for some of the record keeping. Hope you don't mind. ..........I guess it's just tough luck if you do. :) 

So here I am... coffee trees in bloom. The earliest trees started two weeks ago. The slower trees are in bloom now. 


  1. I've never seen coffee blossoms before. Gosh, being able to grow one's own coffee would be a real treat!

  2. Its still tickles me run up know that I can produce so many of my own basics. Tea. Coffee. Salt. Peppery. Sugar. Herbs. I'm still amazed. Want to hear something funny.... before I came to Hawaii I didn't even know where coffee came from. I just drank it without giving it any thought. Such is the mindset of a city dweller.

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