Sunday, October 25, 2015

Visiting Einstein

This has nothing to do with homesteading........

Who is Einstein? A cockatoo living at the zoo in Hilo. 

Einstein arrived at the zoo a damaged bird. When we first met him he excessively head bobbed, crest displayed, paced, and vocalized...both talking and screaming. He had some significant mental issues. After much time and work, he is much more stable, relaxed, and less neurotic. Some worker at the zoo has done marvelous rehab work with Einsten. Thank you! 

For some reason Einstein and I have some sort of connection. He is actively interested when he spies me. Offers me food. Wants to touch or have any objects I am holding. "Mutter-talks" to me constantly. Becomes agitated when I go to leave. I'm aware that he reacts this way to some other people who visit him, but it's interesting to see that he has included me on his list. Why, I haven't a clue. He totally ignores hubby plus most of the other people who stop by his enclosure. 

I visit Einstein every time I go to Hilo. While I don't bring him food as treats, I do offer him a paper object for him to hold and rip. Often it's the cardboard tube from inside a toilet paper roll. Today I forgot to bring one so I offered him a rolled up pamphlet. 

He spent several minutes investigating the little booklet before finally ripping chunks from it. As you can see from the shredded wood in the bottom of his pen, he takes an passionate interest in ripping things to pieces.......especially chunks of 2x4s. Wow, don't let your fingers get anywhere near that beak!!! 

I am not going to get into a discussion about the right vs wrong of animal captivity, zoos, pets. I've learned decades ago that there is no perfect answer, no ultimately "right" answer. So let's not go there. Einstein is what he is.....a captive raised bird that had a rough life and ended up in a better environment where he can have a chance to experience a stable, safe life. He's luckier than most people. Many people visit him and he appears to enjoy the interaction. 

Visiting Einstein is a learning and sharing experience that I hope will continue for many years to come. 

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