Wednesday, October 28, 2015

House - Building a Walk-in Closet

We're back to working on the house again. I skipped over finishing the bedroom in order to make the walk-in closet, a place to stash the bedroom stuff. On two sides of the bedroom we have porches that we really don't use. So I've decided to close in one for a large (8'x 20') closet. 

I don't have the before photos of the porch area. Dumb me deleted them from the camera before I checked to make sure I had transferred them to the computer. Oh well. You'll just have to use your imagination. 

Rather than removing the support posts and the railing, we left them in place and framed around them. 
So the framing looks a bit odd. It actually was quicker and easier doing it this way. 

We also installed windows for not only light, but air flow. Things get moldy here and air flow helps control it. There are three 2x3 windows along the 20' wall, plus one 2x3 on one end. 

The other end has a 3x3 window that will match the 3x3 that we plan to install in the bedroom wall. From the outside, hubby thought that the two windows should match. Thus both are 3x3. 

We've gotten as far as getting the siding up on the long wall. 

Still plenty of work to do. Electrical. Siding on the end walls. Sealing the walls. Exterior trim and battens. Interior walls. Ceiling. Floor. Staining and painting. And importantly, doorways between the bedroom and closet. So this part went up pretty fast. The rest will seem to go slowly by comparison. 

We need to move some electrical wiring and run wire for lights and outlets in the closet. That's hubby's job. So more progress will be on hold until he has the time to do that. 

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