Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our Volcano is Alive!

I don't know if the recent Kilauea volcano activity has hit the mainland news, but it surely has the attention of everyone over here. Recently it's changed from doing the "same old same old" to putting on a show. People are flocking to the see the lava, resulting in long lines to get into the park plus remote parking. But people don't seem to be letting the mile hike to the caldera deter them. 

For those of you who aren't currently on Big Island, here's a website that has some cool video and photos....

Just like so many other people, we too headed to the park in order to view the caldera. The webcams give far better pictures, but there's something special about seeing it live. The webcams do a great job for viewing. Here's where you can find them. 

With the volcano showing lots of activity, I've been checking the webcams plus the earthquake report several times a day. Those earthquakes have a pattern that I'm sure is exciting the volcanologists. Everybody's just waiting to see if lava is going to break out down along the rifts. If so, it will be quite a magnificent display. Those displays don't normally last long, so once people hear about the action, they head immediately to the volcanoes park for an up front and personal look-see. The park gets jammed! 

Here's some pictures for you.....


  1. Madame Pele, she is so beautiful (noni)!
    May no tourists throw a bottle of whiskey and yell "Okole Hau!"