Saturday, May 16, 2015


Bromeliads are my style plant -- no decent soil needed and basically ignore them. Wow, can't get better than that! 

I've planted some by simply moving two rocks out of way, sticking the plant into the hole, then replacing the rocks. What can be easier, eh? 

I've noticed that some varieties prefer sun, others shade. But other than that, I treat them all pretty much the same. When I remember to water them, I do. That's pretty sporadic. Otherwise they survive on the rainwater collected at the base of their leaves. Since we get rain frequently at the homestead, the bromeliads do just fine. 

Occasionally these things bloom. The blooms vary quite a bit between the different varieties. Some are quite spectacular. I don't know what triggers blooming, but when I least expect it I'll find one blooming its head off. 

Another thing, they come in all sorts of sizes. I've got a few miniature types. And on the opposite extreme, I've got a few that are humongous. Then there are the vast number that are in between. 

Since most of my bromeliad plants survive my hit and miss attention, they must be one tough plant. 

The only downside to bromeliads is that the collect water in their crowns. That makes a nice spot for breeding mosquitos. So once a month I will walk around and drop a few of those mosquito control granules into each bromeliad crown. 


  1. I just found your blog and I am fascinated! Can't wait to read more. We are contemplating a move to the Big Island and your blog is real on-the-ground information! Are you in Kau? (your URL indicates Kau) The pin point on the Google map indicates Kohala. We are very familiar with the Big Island. Have been there many times. I have so many questions and I don't want to impose. I can limit my questions to two at a time. Or even less. Keep up the good work!

    1. Welcome! Yes, I'm located in Ka'u down by South Point area. The google pin locator is wrong. I hope my blog helps you in your decision. Making the move was a big jump for us. Luckily we survived, and now are very happy to be living here. Best wishes on your decision.

  2. I hope I am not going to turn into being annoying to you! I have so many questions! By the way if you want to see more about us I have a blog on called Grindstone Ranch Weekly. I also blog for Cappers Farmer. This was going to part of our supplementation for income when we moved to Hawaii.

    We really love South Point! We probably drove by your place last time we were there. We love the open windswept vistas but we're not sure of the isolation. It's a tough one. I'm not enamored of the jungle in Puna but we can afford that. Please fell free to answer all my questions as you have time. I know how much work it takes to have a little farm!

    1. We looked in Puna too before buying in Ka'u. Puna was far more affordable but it surely didn't appeal to us. It's a tough decision deciding where to live. I often suggest that newcomers should consider renting for a while so that they can look around before committing to a purchase.