Friday, May 22, 2015

It's Yellow!!!

Heading down the driveway on my morning check of the livestock, I spied a blob about 12" by 18" atop one of the bio-trash pits (aka- an in ground hugelkultur bed).'s yellow!!!!! 

First thought....what the heck is it? 
Second looks like something alien vomited there. 

Closer inspection revealed a patch of yellow slime mold. Which by the way is often referred to as Dog Vomit Fungus. 

Slime molds are really neat. I find the brownish grey ones from time to time on my property but this is the first time I've come across a bright yellow one. I often find them when we are in an extended rainy period, and usually where there is wet rotting woody debris. Thus the bio-trash pit is ideal. This particular pit is still in the process of being filled, so there is plenty of rotting wood, twigs, and coarse stuff on the surface. Just prime real estate for molds and fungus. 

Contrary to some people, I welcome molds and fungus. They are instrumental in decomposing woody material. So having this stuff set up housekeeping in the pit is a cause for celebration. It means that things are healthy and well in the pit. By the way, this slime mold does not pose a danger to people. No need to panic and send me warnings. 

I had seeded this pit with mushroom spore about two months ago. Not edible kind, but I was just looking to encourage decomposition. So seeing mushrooms would have been expected. The slime mold was a pleasant surprise. 


  1. Yah, you and I both cheer the mycological denizens that help decomposition. I have had some sizable cup fungi in my garden beds-to-be, in lasagna style. No colorful ones, though. That is way cool!

  2. So that's what it is! I had slime mold in my straw bale garden. Plus a myriad of other crazy fungus. I do have a less happy view of fungus now that I am fighting San Joaquin Valley Fever which is a fungal pneumonia that is contracted by breathing in spores that live in the dirt.

    1. Agreed, not all fungus is benign. And when working with the spores, I take precautions to avoid breathing them in.