Monday, February 16, 2015

More Trees Down

Just when you think it's over................

Last week we had some windy days, one being especially erratic and gusty. And yeah, two more trees came down. Not knocked over by the wind, as I thought would happen. But twisted and snapped off. It's those swirling gusts that defeat these eucalyptus trees. 
The first tree to succumb you can see in the background. It's a fairly good sized tree whose trunk snapped just below the first branch. If I were handy, I could just leave this one in place and make a totem pole out of it! The second tree you can see laying horizontally in the foreground. 
Snapped off about 10 foot up. 

The poor chicken pen just has no luck, attacked by trees a second time. 

This time, no chickens were hurt, but I'm sure Chicken Little was a screeching, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling! See? I told ya so!" Anyway, the chicken pen needed repairs yet once again. I think a priority will be building a new pen and getting the chickens away from the eucalyptus trees. 

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