Monday, February 23, 2015

100,000 Miles

Warning - disclaimer. This post has absolutely nothing to do with homesteading. But it's just for fun! 

Terrible quality photo, isn't it. Recognize what it's of? It our current VW's odometer. Elsie just hit 100,000 miles. Wow! 

First of all, Elsie is the car's name. Yes, our favorite cars and trucks get named. My very first VW was Korbi (a nickname for "Now I'm Broke" spelled backwards). Then later came Thio (thank heavens it's orange. The story behind this was that my family members owned nothing but green cars.) Imoto (I'm orange too). Then there was Dr Polara, a wreck of a sedan. It came with that name, by the way. Not my idea! We also had The Blue Beast and Big Truck. Our previous VW was Arby (actually RB = red bug). Currently my truck is Artie (RT = red truck). Our spare sedan is the Double Decker (previous owners were Mr & Mrs Decker). The previous spare sedan was a bright yellow car called The Yellowjacket. I once had a car called Smarty Jones, after a Kentucky Derby racehorse. This car was as far from being a snazzy racing car/horse as I could possibly get, but it was fun to say that I rode in Smarty Jones. People would hear that I rode ON Smarty Jones. Fun to watch their expressions before I corrected their misunderstanding and told them that was my car's name. 

So have you figured out Elsie yet? 

LC = little convertible. 

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