Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Silly Halloween Fun

Halloween. Probably the most fun holiday in our community. It's when a bunch of aging seniors can act like little kids! Do you go through a second childhood when you get older? You bet, and we love it! 
Yes, a group of us got together for a movie and dinner. The movie? Rocky Horror Picture Show, what else? Hard to get much sillier than that on Halloween. 
Bowls of popcorn, platters of pupus, and a bunch of us gathered around a large screen TV shouting out lines and dancing the Time Warp. 
Those who never saw Rocky Horror before were truly befuddled. What came over their friends? This movie is terrible but everyone is enjoying it? Oh my god, is that ............oh, it is. 
What's with the light sticks? What's this newspaper for? Egads man, who's spraying water? Before ya knew it, confetti everywhere! Looking into the goody prop bag, there still are things....things...like a playing card, surgical gloves. The Rocky Horror virgins hadn't a clue. 
It didn't matter. What mattered was that we came together as a group to share the evening. We are members of a group. We care about each other. 
After much silliness, we "broke bread" together. For some deep primal reason, sharing a meal causes some sort of special bonding. I'm not a psychologist, but I can feel it. It is real. 
Myrna produces a good homemade meal, but somehow it's the lingering conversation that is oh so satisfying. 
Not everyone who comes to our Saturday night get togethers returns. Perhaps it's too much like eating at home rather than a restaurant? Too personal maybe? Or that they see that this is a group who have become friends and that they don't want to join. Or perchance they are afraid to take the first step? 

But if Halloween was a newcomer's first exposure to the group, then I can completely understand.  What a mass of totally insane, bizarre wackos! 

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