Thursday, October 24, 2013

Next House Project -Enclosing Another Lanai

With the kitchen project just about finished (we're awaiting the arrival of the basket drawers), we've decided to tackle the next project. We have a lanai, as known as a porch, off the livingroom. This lanai overlooks the front pasture, front gardens, and the barn down the hill. It's a pleasant view and when we were buying the place we thought we would sit out on this lanai on a daily basis. In reality, we haven't used it once! It's too chilly first thing in the morning and at night for us to consider eating breakfast or dinner out there. As a result, the lanai started being used for storing stuff. A sad ending. But we wanted to change that.

Last couple days I've been working to properly store all the stuff that accumulated on this lanai. Gosh, where did it all come from? In the process I rediscovered several items that had gone missing. At our age, it's easy to lose stuff.

Next, measure, make marks, get a plan going. At first we wanted 48" high windows, but when we looked closer, 42" would look and work out better. Initially we planned on several 36" wide windows, but in person. 3 six foot windows would look better and fit well. As we went along, we modified the plans.

Quick, before hubby had a chance to change the plans (which he's apt to do on a daily basis), I ran up to town and purchased the windows and a pile of lumber. With the windows safely at home, it was just a simple job of framing out the holes.

The 3 windows went into place quickly. You can in the photo that there's a fourth. That will be for the end when the far wall is made. That shall be another day.


  1. Great project! The 42 inch windows are a wise xhoice - less window coverings to look for in the longer size, and the wider-than-tall format frames your view there so pleasantly. You did put in insulation, I'm sure, and just maybe a duplex outlet for the occasional need for a lamp, da kine. Ihave moved households many times, finding some things even two moves later, somehow "smuggled" in a box that was supposed to have only old paper stuff. Every move took some things away for good, but opala happens.

  2. Barry, no insulation. On purpose. I think I'll make a post explaining why were using little insulation. Most houses would improve with using insulation, but not this one.