Wednesday, October 16, 2013


'Tis the season for some mighty fine limes. The Tahitian limes are in full production. This variety is incredibly juicy and seedless. It definitely is my favorite when it comes to juicing.

I'm a big user of lime juice. We both love limeade made with fresh cane juice. Creamy lime popsicles are wonderful desserts and treats. Nothing wrong with lime pie either. A neighbor makes lime curd which is very yummy. And who doesn't like a tad of lime in beer? I'm not a beer fan, so I take my squirt of lime in ice water. Funny thing, but I never used limes until I moved to Hawaii. Now I use them every week. 

This year I've been supplying lime juice by the gallon to some local restaurants. A couple of smaller entrepreneurs by it by the cup or pint jar. And I can use it for trading. Lime juice freezes very nicely, so I can stockpile it for future use and sales. 

In the past I use to squeeze the limes by hand, using a small glass juicer. It was the kind that you pressed and rotated the cut lime upon a fluted point. It worked, but was work. Ok for a few limes, but it got tedious. Since I am now selling juice by the gallon, I needed to upgrade my juicing method. There were a number of options out there, but being a bit miserly, I opted to try a rather inexpensive juicing contraption. I bought a Black and Decker citrus juicer for $20. It turned out to be one of my good decisions. It juices quickly, is easy to use, and simple to clean up. I've made over 10 gallons of juice so far with it. It paid for itself the first day I used it. Now that's a good payback. 

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  1. We squirt lime or calamondin juice in our water glasses...also if drinking iced tea...Love it!